Getting a Tattoo


Kombi Ink artists suggest you consider these points before getting anything done.

  • Be as healthy as possible, if you’re sick it will slow down the healing and you’ll have more risk of getting a local infection.
  •  Avoid alcohol for 24 hours before a procedure; alcohol in your bloodstream tends to increase bleeding during a procedure.
  • Certain medications (including over-the counter ones) can also increase bleeding and/or slow down healing. You should discuss this with your doctor.
  • If you are considering multiple tattoos, start with a small one to see how you manage the procedure and its care.
  • If you know you have multiple allergies and want a tattoo, we maybe able to do a patch test with the dyes, before you have the full procedure.
  • If you are not sure where to place the tattoo or the style, we can apply a stencil of the design for you to ‘wear’ before you have the full procedure.
  • Sign a Consent to Tattoo Form which states you are over 18, if you don’t have proof of your age there will be Tattooing done on you.let us know your medical history, particularly any infectious skin diseases or communicable diseases you may have. Tell us of any metal or chemical allergies you have. Let us know if you have any problems with skin healing, especially if keloid scarring occurs (keloids are raised scars, more common in people with dark skin).
  • Talk about the style of body art and where you want it placed. Remember that body art that is very noticeable may hurt your chances of getting some jobs.
  • Tell the body artist whether you have had alcohol or drugs that day. Most body artists will not work on people who are under the influence.

Aftercare Service’ – Kombi Ink offers follow-up visits to check the work and guide you through the healing process or touch ups for the Tattoo. When choosing one of our body artist don’t just go by the art on the walls. Ask us to see examples of their personal work or have something drawn up that is specific to you.

They say a Tattoo should mean something to you or have a story behind it, tell your story in art.

Kombi Ink Studio’s meet and are approved by local council laws and certified, Kombi Ink also follows infection control standards.

Arriving for your procedure

  • What your body artist needs to know. The body artist wants you to be comfortable and safe. At the same time they need to take care of their own interests and health, so there are a few things they will ask you to do, such as:
  • On the day of the procedure make sure that you have eaten something and have had enough to drink (not alcohol!) so that you are not dehydrated. Some procedures can be painful, but it passes quickly if there are no complications.
  • Breathing exercises can help you relax during the procedure. Some people feel lightheaded or faint durring and afterwards. This is due to a change in blood levels of adrenaline and the body’s natural painkillers. If you know what to expect you can deal with it. Also let the body artist know how you’re feeling.