Tattoo Care

The do’s and don’ts of Tattoo care

Taking Care of a New Tattoo

  • Your new Tattoo is just like a fresh open wound and should be treated as such it can feel like tender sunburn for some time afterwards.
  • After leaving the studio your new ink may weep, give the area a rinse with soapy warm to hot water or a nice warm shower letting the water flow over it, NO body lotions or Creams to be used.
  •  Do Dry. area with paper towel or a fresh clean towel, ensure you dry it completely and don’t leave any water/moisture in the tattoo as it can form into plasma if left to air-dry. Dry it 100% even if it is very sensitive to pat dry. Do this every time it gets wet throughout the healing process.
  • Do Apply. Bepanthen, 2 or 3 times a day or when you feel it drying out especially in the first few days.  You just want it to have a nice glossy coat but don’t want to see the cream.
  • NO sun and NO swimming. Please keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight the entire time it is healing. Sunscreen is not allowed until the tattoo is fully healed as it can affect the healing process.
  • NO picking or scratching. As the Tattoo heals it will scab up/flake off which is all 100% normal. During this time do not pick or scratch it at all. Soapy water and Bepanthen will both assist in the healing.
  • DO NOT WEAR. tight clothing over the tattoo, or clothing that has been washed in harsh detergents.
  • DO LISTEN to the care advice you are given by the body artist, and follow it.

 Enjoy Your New Tattoo