Piercing Care

Taking care of a new piercing, the DO’s and DONT’s of care

  • DO keep the piercing as dry as much as possible.
  • DO NOT TOUCH your new piercing unless you have washed your hands well first, that goes for other people touching the piercing too.
  • DO NOT play with, rub, pick or scratch at a new piercing as this can lead to infections and extend the healing time.
  • DO When showering use an anti-bacterial soap on the piercing site
  • DO NOT USE alcohol-based cleaning solutions. They will slow healing and may cause skin irritation. Some antiseptics, skin disinfectants, alcohol based cleaning solutions, tee tree oils skin cleaners can dry out the skin and result in prolonged healing times.
  • DO after showering/bathing use a tissue or cotton bud to dry the piercing. Do not use a towel or a face washer.
  • DO NOT SHARE jewellery with friends, even in healed sites.
  • DO NOT INSERT nonsterile jewellery or jewellery made of metals other than those recommended by the operator.
  • DO NOT ALLOW the body fluids of others to come into contact with your piercing until the site is completely healed.
  • DO LISTEN to the care advice you are given by the body artist, and follow it.
  • DO RETURN to the body artist when advised, or if having problems.
  • DO AVOID swimming until the piercing is healed, contaminated water is likely to pose a risk of infection.
  • DO AVOID having sex for at least a week after a genital piercing, check with your body artist as some genital piercings take longer to heal.
  • DO SEE A DOCTOR at the first signs of infection, do not wait until pus forms or jewellery cannot be removed.

Healing Times

EYEBROW 6–8 weeks

EAR LOBES 4–6 weeks


LIP/LABRET 6–8 weeks

NIPPLE 6–8 weeks

NAVEL 4–6 weeks

GENITAL 4–6 weeks / DEEP GENITAL 3–6 months

HANDWEB 8–12 weeks

TONGUE 4 weeks

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