Accentu8 Conditioner 375ml


Derived from the sea, the Instant Accentu8 range volumises and invigorates fine hair with Baobab Protein and Seaweed Extract. These organic body building formulas deliver a veil of film formers to thicken hair without build up, offering weightless moisture that does not weigh hair down. The result is hair that feels fuller and lasts for the day.

Accentu8 Conditioner

Contains a polymer used in sun care that coats individual hair strands to repel humidity and stop fly-away hair. The strands remain separate and do not matt together, resulting in bounce and elasticity.


Accentu8 Conditioner
Voluminous hair in an instant! Instantly provides lightweight conditioning and a humidity barrier to reduce flyaway hair, with Baobab Protein, Seaweed and Ginseng. Delivers a veil of film formers to thicken hair, for brilliant volume and shine.


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